TGC exists to provide consultant wisdom and global connectivity to individuals, foundations, churches and others who care, in order to leverage their impact in significant projects around the world.

1.    In this mission statement, “consultant wisdom” refers to the practical application of knowledge, wisdom, insight, relationships and discernment in terms of investments of natural and spiritual abilities, time and finances.

2.     Global connectivity” refers to the global relationship network that Bill has cultivated over a life of 45 years of international Christian mission service. This is a unique treasure trove of people from around the world whom he knows and trusts, and with whom there is mutual respect and affection. He can connect and network individuals who have singular resources with those ministries who have high impact and change potential within the context of true Christian mission and service.

3.    Who care” speaks of people of compassion, commitment and sacrificial investment who have diverse resources in order to make an impact on our world, whether in categories of desperate human need, spiritual values or leadership development.

4.    Leveraging speaks of impacting the lives of women and men, organizations and  foundations, churches and ministry teams, mission agencies and other groups who make up these entities. Bill’s primary investment and contribution is wisdom, worldwide connectivity, and life-on-life relationship. The desire is to increase the capacity to positively change lives, whether through a micro-project or a macro-venture. The change can apply to an individual or an organization, a foundation or an educational institution.